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we’re dedicated to professional drone based solutions that mitigate human risk while increasing efficiency and productivity.  Our proven expertise in aerial infrared imaging allows us to identify hidden problems before they become costly.  

Utilizing our knowledge, we can develop a UAS Program tailored to the unique needs of your company.

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Aerial Infrared Inspections of Electrical Systems

Preventative Inspections of high voltage electrical systems can identify problems prior to costly and dangerous failures

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Aerial Infrared Inspection of Solar Fields

Prevent losing tens of thousands of dollars from ineffective solar panels

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Commercial and Home Thermal Inspections

We can identify hidden moisture, or damage in your residential or commercial property

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For Architectural projects

Georeferenced 3D modeling of structures at and accuracy of less than 1CM which can be transferred to numerous software platform

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Infrared Data

Thermal imaging inspections can be developed into an orthomosaic, allowing you to interact with an entire solar field

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FAA Part 107 Exam Prep Course‏

All exam topics covered. Hands on training. Study material to take home.
100 question Practice exam.

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Beginner to Intermediate Training

Flight training for various uses.
Learn how to fly and properly maintain your own system from a professional.

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Intermediate to Advanced‏ Training

Mitigate your risk of incorporating drones to your company by utilizing our training and program development

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Companies using our services:

Douglas Moulton is FAA Licensed Commercial sUAS Pilot (Part 107)CAS Owner and operator Douglas Moulton

Douglas Moulton

 Owner Operator

Commercial sUAS Pilot

Certified Thermographer


Douglas Moulton was first introduced to UAVs during his time as an active duty US Navy SEAL. 

During his years of experience with Drones as a SEAL, he further honed his skills and knowledge by developing and building autonomous UAVs.

Doug is an ​FAA Licensed Commercial sUAS Pilot (Part 107), with 9 years of experience. As a Certified Thermographer, he is an expert in infrared equipment and the accurate analysis of thermal imagery.  He  also maintains an active Secret Clearance.


Ken Varner


3D Modeler

Ken Varner attended UNC-Chapel Hill and went on to earn a PhD in Physics and has spent 15 years in the clean energy business in Europe and North America.  

He founded Vaireco GmbH in Germany (a UAV operator and technology provider), which focuses on scalable aerial inspection technology through combining existing IT platforms and automation concepts.  

Dr. Varner has held previous positions with global solar manufacturers, solar installers in North Carolina, and has founded two companies.

High quality aerial data collection

55,000 sq ft. Resort Roof

55,000 sq ft. Resort Roof

55,000 sq ft. Resort Roof



Saturday February 25th
Charlotte, NC

*Cost of the one day Workshop - $275.00
*For first responders & military - $150.00 

A day-long course designed to instill the knowledge and skill sets required to successfully take the FAA Commercial Drone Exam (Part 107).

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